Q. How do I format my Table of Contents?


Updating the Table of Contents in a Word Document

 Word uses the Level One and Two heading styles to generate the entries in the Table of Contents. Therefore, it is important to use the Level One and Two Heading Styles located in the Styles section of your toolbar. Prior to updating the Table of Contents, make sure all Level One and Two headings are properly formatted.

  1. Click anywhere within the Table to select it
  2. Open the References toolbar
  3. Locate the Table of Contents section of the toolbar.
    1. It is usually the first section.
  4. Click Update Table
  5. The Update Table of Contents box will appear
  6. In the Update Table of Contents box select Update entire table

Sometimes when the Table of Contents is updated, the formatting of the font is different in the new information. To fix the formatting, do the following:

  1. Highlight the entire Table of Contents beginning at Introduction through the page number on the Annotated Bibliography.
    1. The table will appear darker.
  2. On the formatting toolbar, select Times New Roman 12-pt font.
  3. If any of the text is bolded, click the B (bold) button two times.
    1. The first time will Bold the entire table.
    2.  The second time will remove all bolding from the text.


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