Q. How do I clear the Privacy Consent screen in RefWorks?


RefWorks have begun asking users to consent to a privacy notice. It is entirely up to you whether you consent or not. But be aware, if you do not consent, your account will be erased and there will be nothing RefWorks or the NCU Library can do to get it back.

Your RefWorks account will only be removed if you choose to click the button that says No, I do not consent. Please remove my RefWorks account. If you are currently able to access and use your RefWorks account, you probably already consented.

RefWorks screenshot showing the orange "Yes, I consent" button.


Normally a user can clear the ProQuest privacy screens by consenting to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy statements. However, there can be circumstances when the user sees an error:


RefWorks screenshot that says "Sorry, we were unable to submit your request."


If your RefWorks screen displays the above error, try the following to clear it:

  1. Instead of accessing RefWorks through the NCU Library link https://refworks-proquest-com.proxy1.ncu.edu, try going to RefWorks directly: https://refworks.proquest.com (new) or https://refworks.com (legacy).
  2. Browser plugins and cached data can sometimes interfere with the consent screen, try accessing RefWorks in your browser's private or incognito mode to accept the privacy consent. Once you've consented to the ProQuest Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, you can return to your usual browser mode.                

Firefox Private Window

Firefox menu with New Private Window highlighted.   


Chrome Incognito Window

 Google Chrome menu with "New incognito window" highlighted. 


Internet Explorer Private Browsing

 Internet Explorer menu with InPrivate Browsing highlighted.


  1. Log out of the RefWorks writing tool add-ins (Write-N-Cite, RefWorks Citation Manager, and GoogleDocs plugin)



Write-N-Cite ribbon in Microsoft Word with "Log Out" highlighted.

RefWorks Citation Manager

RefWorks Citation Manager menu with "Log out" highlighted.

GoogleDocs plugin

GoogleDocs menu with "Log out" highlighted.


If the error message still appears on your browser, report it to refworks.support@exlibrisgroup.com

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