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How do I use Google Translate to translate an article to another language?

Some Library databases allow you to translate content into different languages. For a list of databases which provide translation services, please see our FAQ here. If your article is unable to be translated within a Library database, you may use Google Translate to translate your article.

On the Google Translate home page, select your languages for translation. If you aren't sure what language you're attempting to translate, click the Detect language button. If your article is available online, simply paste the URL into the translate box and click on the blue Translate button, as shown below. You will then see an English translation of the article displayed.

Google Translate screenshot with the Detect Language tab highlighted.

If you retrieved the article from the Library, your document is not likely to be found online. In this situation, Google Translate provides an easy way to translate whole documents, without the need for copying and pasting large blocks of text. First, save the article to your computer. Next, click the translate a document link, as shown below. Browse to find your file on your computer (PDF, TXT, DOC, PPT, XLS or RTF format). Make sure your desired language is selected and then click on the Translate button.

Google Translate screenshot wtih the "translate a document" link highlighted.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that since the translations are generated by machines, not all translations will be perfect. Additionally, some of your original formatting may not be preserved.

For additional assistance with Google Translate, please visit the Google Translate Support Site.

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