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How do I create an annotated bibliography using RefWorks?

RefWorks provides an option to add annotations or notes to each citation that you have imported into your RefWorks account. After you add your annotations, you can then generate a bibliography with your annotations. This process is an alternative to creating your paper using Microsoft Word (or any other word processing format). We also recommend first consulting guides in the Dissertation Center and Academic Success Center regarding formatting and guidelines on writing an annotated bibliography.

Follow the steps below to create an annotated bibliography using RefWorks:

  1. Select your reference and click on the Edit (pencil icon) option to modify your selected reference.Selected reference to edit in RefWorks by clicking on the pencil icon                                          
  2. Type your annotation into the Abstract field (if an abstract was brought in from a database, move it to another field) as shown below.

    Screenshot of RefWorks edit view ithe the Abstract field highlighted.

  3. After you type your annotation, click Save Reference and close the window.
  4. Repeat steps 1-4 for all references you want included in your annotated bibliography.
  5. Go to the Cite menu (quotation mark) and select Create Bibliography.RefWorks screenshot showing the Create bibliography link.                                                                   
  6. Under output style, search for and select APA 7th - Sentence Casing,, Annotated
    as shown below.

    Create Bibliography view with output style APA 7th - Sentence Casing,, Annotated highlighted.                                                                                                             
  7. Your annotations will display under your references as shown below. Click Copy to Clipboard to copy/paste into a Word document.Screenshot of bibliography with annotations included.

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