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What is "Article Linker"?

Article Linker is a quick way to search other Library databases for the full text of a specific article. When you run a search in one database, you may only see the abstract of the article. Click the Check Article Linker or 360 Link button to see if the full text is available in any other Library databases. 

Search results screen with the Article Linker icon highlighted.
Search results screen with the Article Linker icon highlighted.
Two outcomes are possible once you have clicked on the Article Linker button:

(1) You will be taken directly to the full-text article.

Full text article screenshot from Taylor & Francis.

(2) You will come to a screen that says “It may not be available in the Library.” If you encounter this screen:

  1. First, try searching for the journal by title by clicking the Search for Journal or Book Title link. This is to ensure that the Library does not subscribe to this particular publication or does not have the publication year you need available;
  2. If you confirm that the publication is unavailable, your next step will be to place an Interlibrary Loan request using the link found on this page. Please visit the Interlibrary Loan LibGuide for more information.
  3. Use the link provided to check Google Scholar. Many times articles are freely available in full-text outside of the Library's databases.

ArticleLinker results screen for item unavailable with the Interlibrary Loan Request link highlighted.

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