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How do I determine if a particular journal is peer reviewed?

You may determine whether or not a journal is peer reviewed/refereed using the Library's Ulrichsweb database. To access Ulrichsweb, go to the Library’s home page and then click on A-Z Databases. You may then search for Ulrichsweb or browse alphabetically.

In Ulrichsweb, you may search for the journal by title or ISSN (International Standard Serial Number). When you locate the journal in your search results,  an icon which looks like a referee shirt (see image below) will display in the results if your journal is peer reviewed. The absence of this icon means that your journal is not peer reviewed.

Ulrichsweb screenshot with the refereed icon highlighed.

Keep in mind, however, that peer reviewed publications often contain non-peer reviewed content, including editorials, book reviews and news items. Only the research articles are peer reviewed.

It may also be important to evaluate the type of source (primary or secondary) and the type of peer-review for its suitability for graduate level research. It may be necessary to further investigate the publication and its editorial board to further determine the quality of your resource or article. Click on the website provide in the Ulrichsweb entry to view the journal's home page or publisher's page. 

For additional instruction on using Ulrichsweb, please see the Ulrichsweb quick tutorial video. For additional instruction on scholarly vs. peer reviewed journals, please see the Library's Scholarly vs. Peer Reviewed Journals quick tutorial video.

Find a Resource

Additionally, subscribed journals may be identified as peer-reviewed within the Library's Find a Resource tool. You may access Find a Resource in the center of the Library's home page, or under Research Resources. 

Search for a journal title (not an article title) or ISSN using Find a Resource. If the Library subscribes to that particular publication, you should see it listed on the results screen. Check for the graduation cap icon and the label "Peer Reviewed" as shown below.

Find a Resource search results with the Peer Reviewed icon highlighted.

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